Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Road Trip!

I started Natalie's after-school-school today :) I have visions of us spending time learning about different countries, learning a few words in that language, making some food from that region, etc... but first we are going to start small and learn about the good ol' US of A :)  I found this wonderful curriculum on Confessions of a Homeschooler - it goes by region and is pretty in-depth about each state.  We put together the binder today:

And talked about some important parts of our country and history (and my computer does not want to rotate pictures correctly, sorry!):


Our first region will be the Northeast - first state: Connecticut! :) We had a lot of fun talking about how America started and what "freedom" means, etc.  She is a little sponge and just wants to know everything about everything.  Very fun to teach. :)

I asked her what else she would like to learn about for her after-school-school, and she has requested "learning to write in a different language."  OK then!! :) That should be interesting.... :)

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