Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Session 1

We are wrapping up our first 6-week session of the year.  It went really well. I love the 6-week time frame.  It's just long enough to really get some stuff done, and not so long that we got burned out.

During Session 1, we finished:

Growing with Grammar Level 1 - we will jump to level 3 for Session 2.*
All About Spelling Level 1 - we will jump to level 3* of a new program, called  Soaring with Spelling and Vocab.
Road Trip USA - we finished up the Midwest. We have now done the West, Southwest, and Midwest of the USA.  We are going to take a break before we start the East coast, and really nail down the few capitals that aren't sticking and spend some time exploring our neck of the woods and really learning more about the whole area.
Houghton Mifflin - Poetry unit.  We are going to switch to level 3* of Winning with Writing -- combined with the grammar and spelling/vocab, this should be a great Language Arts combo.

During Session 2, we will:

Do the above LA programs
Start Five in a Row -- I'm so excited about this one! I have heard great things, and I love that we can all do it together.  Lulu is now almost 4 (end of March) so she is participating more in school. She also loves to listen to books (finally! this is an energetic kid :) ) -- I think the timing is right for FiaR :)
Finish the letter of the week program for Lulu
Start planting our garden in the backyard - veggies!
Start using our Aqua farm fish tank we got for Christmas

We are loving Horizons Math, and should finish up the 2nd grade book during this next session.

*-the level 3 jumps above are because those programs said to start out with level 1.  So, we did.  And while it was good stuff, it was really easy, nothing new for Buggy.  After looking through the scope and sequence of the Level 2 programs, I chose to jump her up to #3. :)

This week, we are doing Math and a unit about the Olympics :) Then off on another road trip!!