Sunday, August 25, 2013

'Twas the night before homeschool...

Tomorrow is the BIG DAY!! Bug's first day of 2nd grade AT HOME, and Lulu's first day of Tot School or Preschool or Tagging Along School. :)  

So, before we dive into all this fun enriching goodness, I thought I would take a moment to share what curriculum/programs we are using for the girls. 

Ms. Buggy:
Grammar: Growing with Grammar - Level 1 (starting out at 1 because I don't think she learned some of the items in this book yet - back to basics!)
Social Studies: Road Trip USA
P.E. & Music: Bug will join swim team in October and start some sort of music class this fall as well (along the lines of choir or piano lessons). We will also be doing a weekly P.E. day with the homeschool group. We are taking September "off" from any extras so we can settle in and find our groove before over-committing!

Lulu Monkey:

Whew. I think that covers it! :)  I think I'm ready to go.... I am equal parts excited and terrified.  Thanks for all the support!!!  I'll be back with a report later this week!!!