Friday, August 31, 2012

Preschool with Lulu

Time for "school" again in our house! :) Bug is at first grade all day, and so Lulu and I have been getting into our own little groove during the day.  I plan to work on colors, numbers, letters, and shapes with her for the first part of this school year.  Thanks to the iPad and TV and big sister, Lulu already has a firm grasp of those things, so we will just have fun with them all.

Here is what we have so far - a simple color/shape sorting activity.  She *loved* it! :)

I also will be supplementing Bug's school starting next week - with fun hands-on activities (science experiments, gardening, crafts, etc.) and I think we'll do a "trip around the world" to learn all about different countries. :)  She is doing fine at first grade, but says every day that she would rather do school at home.  Her reasons include "the worksheets at home are more fun" to "I want more interesting things to do".  The curriculum is pretty dry (gotta teach to those standards!) and there is a lot of sitting (26 kids in a multiage class... yikes...) so hopefully a little something extra each day at home will keep her from turning into a drone.  I want to encourage her curiosity and love of learning! :) I am always looking for more blogs or sites that have neat at-home ideas -- pass some on to me if you have found new ones!! :)