Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Winter Fun

So we are still here, still learning, still having fun in the Desert, exploring our world. :) As most of you know, I have given notice at work, yaay! I was feeling very swamped and overwhelmed. One of the casualties of that was that I was unable to do all the fun school-y and crafty things with my kids that we all so enjoy. I have now (once again) re-organized my office space, pulling out all the work stuff and getting the preschool activities organized. Lulu is turning TWO next month, and is so curious and ready to learn all about the world. So I have to get ready to accommodate that!! :) My last day will be sometime the week of March 5th, so I am going to get the Little Acorn Learning stuff ready for March. I'm so excited! :)

Here is what we have been doing:

Homemade playdough, with added sparkles for "snow" -- but the dough wasn't as white as I would like. Do they make white food coloring that I should have used?? The making of the dough and waiting for it to cool, and then playing with it? What a fun afternoon.

We also did some other snowman crafts throughout January. Lulu participated in her first crafting session with us. Gluing cotton balls onto a snowman. I put the glue down for her and said "stiiick" and she stuck each ball down. I also broke out the Crayola toddler markers (you can see the red one in the pic below). They are big chunky things with a marker on top. Honestly? I don't think they are any better than other markers. It's still a marker, and will get misused by a toddler no matter what you do to it!! I got them on clearance, though, and they are pretty cute.

My mom made ADORABLE aprons for me and the girls - Lulu likes to wear hers to bake "cookies" she got for Christmas. :) (Natalie had hers on above for the play-dough making)