Monday, November 25, 2013

Gobble Gobble

Happy Thanksgiving! :)  We are doing light school this week, so I'm taking a moment to come up for air and do a blog post.

Over the past month, we have switched a few things around.  The big change is our new school room!! It is SO NICE to have a designated space for our learning. With shelves for storage. And a HUGE dry erase board. And did I mention the shelves?? And storage?? I'm loving it. So much. :)

The next biggest change is our math curriculum.  We were doing Math in Focus, which was fine. But it didn't go with our learning styles here.  Buggy and I get kind of bogged down and bored when there is only. one. thing. at a time.  We both enjoy variety and a faster pace.  So we switched to Horizons (and I just accidentally typed Verizon instead.... ha!) and it's really fun.  After we did a "zoom review" through the chapters we knew, we are on track with where we belong.  This month, Buggy has learned to tell time on an "old fashioned" clock, adding & subtracting 4-digit numbers, skip counting 3s, 4s, 6s, etc., and how to multiply.  It's much more interesting. For both of us. :)

And we also started a new spelling curriculum - All About Spelling.  It's a little slow starting out with it, because we began with Level 1 as they advise and it's pretty basic.  It lays the foundation for the whole program so it's important (for example, instead of saying "buh" for B, we have re-trained ourselves to say just "b" -- I'm not explaining it well... look it up online!! It's pretty cool stuff).  I really like how it is going to teach Bug all the rules for spelling, so she isn't just memorizing a list of words each week and then promptly forgetting it when the next week's words come out.  The neat part of it being so basic is that Lulu has been able to join in some lessons. She knows all the letter sounds from her Leap Frog DVD, so she can participate too!

She also helped alphabetize the letter tiles. Sort of.  It went a little downhill after D.... she likes to do things wrong to be funny. She is a character.... teaching her will be interesting :) :) And entertaining!

That's it for now!! This week I am finishing up our new schoolroom and starting to prep for the second half of the school year. Whee!!! :)