Tuesday, March 6, 2012

It's the fairy time of year again!

I cannot believe it has been a year since we built our fairy house last March!! Time has flown by. I am now officially finished with my job and am very excited to go back to being more hands-on with the kids and do educational/crafty/fun things with them. For the past 8-10 months, work has been crazy hectic, and life has thrown some curveballs, so I have been on overload. It's only been a few days since I stopped working, but I already feel lighter and more sane. More balanced, if you will.
So, back to the fun school-y stuff, instead of making a fairy house this year, we are making fairy wings. We started out following a pattern I found in Little Acorn Learning.... but it did not go well. It called for using wire and panty hose, and then shaping the wire into wings.. and it turned out like this:
So, the Bug and I got crafty and used some Trader Joe's bags to create paper wings instead.
I used some of the wire and duct tape to put them together, and then a safety pin to attach the waist part of the panty hose... and voila!
We are in the middle of glue-gunning flowers and ribbon to the wings. Stay tuned for pics of the final product! :)
We also made some fairy bread - which is basically bread and butter and sprinkles, cut out in the shape of something with a cookie cutter. I didn't have white bread, which would have made this more delicious, I'm sure... but we used wheat. This is one of those instances where the fun in creating was not directly proportionate to the deliciousness. :)
Today hubby and Bug are on a field trip, and I am getting a glimpse of what life will be like next year with just me and Lulu all day. (Bug will be in school all day - first grade!!) We did puzzles this morning, and talked about numbers and colors and shapes.. it's fantastic. She is absolutely ready for me to pull out some preschool file folder games and learning activities. I am hoping to do more with her one morning a week (at least) this spring. So far, she has been doing a lot of independent play (and a LOT of imaginary play - ADORABLE!!), but lately she is asking for books to be read, and pulling out the "higher level" toys (like the puzzles). She showed me a circle, square, triangle, and heart today. She couldn't figure out which shape the heart was, but when I said "it's yellow!" she got it. We are using these wonderful "Fit-A-Shape Boards" I got at Lakeshore Learning a couple of weeks ago. Bug likes to play with them too - fun for all! :)