Sunday, October 7, 2012


Bug has been learning about rocks at school, so that has been THE topic around here.  We have acculumated quite the collection of rocks and books about rocks.  Hubby took Bug to the Mineral Museum yesterday and she was in **heaven**!! :)  This picture below is of the hoodoo Bug built.

I haven't updated this blog lately, because we aren't doing anything different.. there are only so many things I can say about each state we do or each letter we focus on. 
Buggy is still working on the Road Trip USA program - we are on New York, making our way through the Northeast.  She has had more homework lately, so we spend some time each day doing a little of that, too.  Despite school getting a little more in-depth, she still wants to do "school at home" almost every day.  I am trying to keep it light, though.  But, being the mini Type A that she is, she has created her own binder for the state information.  She has re-written everything about each state so far and 3-hole-punched it, and put it in the binder.  I find myself regularly saying: "PLAY!!! You are 6!! Play! Have FUN!" :)
And Lulu is doing the Letter of the Week activities when she feels so inspired. :) At her age (2.5), she is spending a lot of time in imaginative play and it is SO fun to watch. 
That's about it for us here... :) Happy Fall!