Sunday, June 5, 2011

Lulu's Learning Area

Lulu = the baby who has previously been referred to as Monkey :) She is going to start playing a bigger role in this blog as I start her at-home preschool experience.

As I've said before, I like a blend of Montessori/Waldorf/our own thing. I've started creating little spaces around the house with age-appropriate activities for Lulu. She is big into taking objects out of a container and putting them back in, or into a different one. So I need to come up with more of those activities for her.

Anyway, for now - this is what we have in the learning area - Duplos, little bird house with soft birds that can be put in a hole and taken out the side, some board books (another basket of books is out of the picture to the right), a shape sorter, and a basket of musical intruments:

And I LOVE these soft blocks (below) - these are normally stacked on the other shelf (on the other side of our nature/season table). Lulu is a fan too! :)

In the "kindergarten" realm, I am preparing some more plant-centric activities for the week for Bug. And thinking about ordering the June curriculum from Little Acorn Learning for some more Waldorf ideas. Summertime gets rough here in the Desert - I need all the ideas I can get for keeping us all occupied and happy! :)

Thursday, June 2, 2011


My brother was kind enough to spend time teaching the Bug how to play chess. She is such a sponge!! She remembered how to set the board up and what move each piece makes. Of course, her favorite piece was the "horsey".... :)