Monday, May 7, 2012

Cave & Science! :)

We have been exploring our neck of the woods on little Saturday morning "field trips".  It's getting hot here in the desert, and we are working on avoiding the cabin fever that inevitably comes each year at this time, when the temps start rising.  So, we went to the International Wildlife Museum a few weeks ago - super cool, but I took pics on my iPhone and not sure how to download those to the computer?

But last weekend, we went to Colossal Cave!! I stayed outside with Lulu (she would have definitely wanted to run rampant inside - she's 2!) but Bug and Hubby went in.  They had a blast.  Here are some pics from their adventure:

This weekend we had a birthday party (fun!!) so we didn't get to go on a grand adventure, BUT - we did some science experiments here at the house on Friday afternoon.

Mixing colors:

And then we added some crystals:

And let them sit for an hour or two, until they turned into this:

We used this wonderful little beginner science kit we got at my favorite place on earth (Lakeshore Learning):

There are several more experiments in here - we'll work on some more this week! :)

(PS - I know I had said I was going to move my blogging to my "Everything About Kiki" blog.... but I have realized that this kind of stuff - living & learning - is really what my life is about these days.  Sooo yeah. We're back to this one. :) I love the Cactus Schoolhouse!!! And summer "school" is almost in session... stay tuned!)