Sunday, September 16, 2012

DE & CT wrap-up ~ ME & MD next!

Our road trip through the US continues!! We finished up Delaware and Connecticut last week, and then did a quiz game to test Bug's knowledge.  She did great!!

She even answered a couple "bonus" questions and won a pack of Pokemon cards. :)

We then moved on to Maine, which we both decided is a place we'd like to visit.  Their state berry is wild blueberry so of course we had to make some wild blueberry muffins!

We are currently working on Maryland.

As so many of these states are known for seafood, we headed to Red Lobster for dinner Friday night.  Bug tried some crabcake and crab legs, but promptly decided she was not a fan.  All the more for mom and dad to eat!! :)

Homework started last week, and Bug comes home from school some days pretty tired, so we are just doing these "extras" when the energy and time is there.

Here is what our after-school-school schedule looks like:

"To Do Work" is something Bug does at school.  As the kids are arriving for the day, their teacher has worksheets laid out at each of their spaces.  They go and sit quietly and start their work until everyone gets there and school begins.  Bug *loves* this and is always asking for worksheets... so - following her awesome teacher's lead, I have put together a "To Do Work" folder that I fill each day before Bug comes home.  She heads straight for the folder and gets to work while I am unloading the car and taking care of the little one.  We have been doing this workbook for awhile now, and it's wonderful.  Learning to read maps, what symbols on a map mean, how to read longitude & latitude, etc.  Bug loves it.  I also have some Dollar Store 1-2 grade workbooks that we keep on hand for her to do as she feels the urge.  The girl loves her worksheets!!

She also started getting spelling words last week, so we reviewed those words 2-3 times during the week to prep for the Friday spelling test.  Each day we will do a little of her weekly homework during this time.  Then, of course, the fun stuff - making food, playing games, and reading.

After we finish our after-school-school, the girls go play on the iPad, watch TV, do puzzles, play DS, or just come up with fun little imaginary play games while I get dinner going.  This flow seems to be working really well for us, and I will even go so far as to declare that we are officially in our school year groove. Whew! :)

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