Thursday, September 6, 2012


Bug doing her language and math worksheets:

After doing math/letters, and practicing writing our address and phone number, we moved on to our tour of America.  Our journey began with Connecticut.  We learned all sorts of interesting things about this beautiful state.  The state bird, flower, fish, and of course... information about CT food!! :) Did you know that Connecticut was the first state to serve a hamburger?? And, the curriculum we got includes a delicious-looking recipe for Connecticut clam chowder.  So, we had to have burgers and chowder for dinner, of course! :)

The clam chowder was **delicious**.  Yum. :)  It was my first time making clam chowder - I usually just go with canned - so I'm learning things too!

We also started reading If You Lived In Colonial Times (recommend reading in the curriculum), and will continue reading parts of that book throughout our time in the Northeast states.  This is a great book - lots of fun facts about what people wore and did back in those days.  Very clear and interesting for little ones. :)
Next up: Delaware! 

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